In litigation there is no certainty. Every litigant understands that the case is just an opportunity to persuade the Court to a given argument. Sometimes your argument prevails, other times it does not.

What becomes an utter MISCARRIAGE of justice is when you realize that the Court has not even bothered to familiarize itself with your arguments. In at least two instances we have perceived that the Court had not read the briefs submitted to it. That’s like requesting a prognosis and the doctor has not even looked at the CAT scan. Courts can rule how they will, but all litigants should be afforded the dignity of having their arguments dutifully examined.

New York State has decided that voters have no right to political speech unless the State sponsors it.

That said, the write-in campaign for Larry Sharpe proceeds as planned. We will STAMP our way to hundreds of thousands of votes and show the Establishment that we won’t be corralled into voting for Clown Red nor Clown Blue.