Fiscal Responsibility

Going line-by-line of the city’s budget is my number one priority. As your alderman, I will collaborate with city leaders to identify redundancies, create efficiencies, and provide Middletown with the fiscally responsible city they deserve.

Increase Economic Development

Economic Development is the key to growth for any community. I want to continue to attract new business to the city as well as increase the opportunities for existing business.

Defend Personal Liberty

Be a strong advocate for personal liberty and defend all liberties guaranteed to you by the Constitution and work against the continuing battle to usurp those rights such the so called “Safe” Act and Local Law 1

Police & Fire Departments

Providing a safe place for people to live, work and shop is vital to every community. Our police department and fire department continue to provide this to our community each day. I will help to provide resources for our first responders and the training needed in order to be one of best in the county.

Consistent Communication

Communication is key to making sure the citizens have a clear picture of events and issues within the city. Texts, emails and social media posts will be an integral part of getting messages and information out to our community.


I will be available in person, by phone, text, email or via social media messaging to interact and discuss pertinent information and related issues with the community.